Ok.. I have been reading blogs and I have read a lot.. well a lot of them have been about girls and their boyfriends.. And well why are guys such jerks? I mean.. Come men think they can get any girl they want and when they do get a girl they start being nice and Mr. Perfect.. And well of course they end up be jerks. Come on now!  I feel sorry for the poor girls…

I know was not in a good relationship before Curtis.. I was being treated wrong … It was like my feelings didn’t matter and that nothing I said matter and so on.. But now I am in a wonderful relationship with my sweet love. Curtis. He is my everything and I love him with all my heart.  He is the REAL Mr Perfect.. though yea he can get ill and upset.. but He listens and cares and wants to know how I feel.

So I read these girls blogs.. and I wish there was more Curtis’ out there…

So to all the young women out there… There is a guy out there that will really treat you like a queen and love you for who you are!! Don’t give up!!

Lots of love

Court ❤


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