5:30 in the Morning.

And I am up and about…

Good Morning from South Carolina.. I can’t sleep… I am sitting here looking up stuff on Esty and Curtis is in the bed asleep.. We gotta be up at 8 and I got up at 5. I have not been to sleep though.. I might just make it all nighter.. I can’t sleep because I have a really bad headache and the meds I took has caffeine in them which doesn’t help.

So how is everyones week going? Mine is going ok, I haven”t felt good.. I am doing some reading. I went to the Library this week and I got a card. So I am spending some time there. They are also needing help.. so I might get a little part time job there. who knows. Well I am looking for someone to watch my pups… We are still going to Charleston, we can’t wait!! We are going to have to so much fun!! Curtis friend from work might be down there with his wife when we are there. So we might meet up with them one day. I just can’t wait to get out the house and see the beach. ya know?

Well Curtis and I are doing good. I love him lots.. Anyways I am going to go. I might try and get some sleep.. Have a great day everyone!! 🙂





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4 responses to “5:30 in the Morning.

  1. soitbeetold

    Hey girly, you’re blog is super cute! It looks like we picked the same background, but your’s is awesome because of the cupcakes! Btw, your cupcakes look soo amazing! I showed my mom, and she thinks that you should start a business and sell them. I would definitely pay money for them! Maybe one day you can teach me how to bake because I don’t know how! LOL.

    I hope your headache went away! I know how horrible those are, I get them ALL the time. I also hope you have a wonderful time in Charleston. If you’re looking to go to the beach, you should go to IOP (Isle of Palms) it’s a small cute beach that’s usually not crowded. It’s in the charleston area. I hope you find a sitter for your “babies” but I’m sure you will.

    Now that school is over, we neeeeed to hang out. I’m serious!!

    Love you ❤ ❤


  2. Hey girly!!
    Yea I love the background too and thanks.. its a scrapbook paper design.. lol

    I am wanting to open up a bakery and sell cupcakes and coffee and such.. I just got to work on recipes and making them perfect and ya gotta have money lol… I guess u could say its my dream (:

    Oh yea we gotta hang out girl!! Really.

    well love ya too

    Court ❤

  3. imaginenamaste

    I hope your head feels better! I hate how that works–the stuff for migraines has caffeine and then you can’t sleep!
    Have a fantastic Thursday!

  4. I wish they could make something that wouldn’t keep me up.

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