What ya think?

Ok I was sitting here thinking of what to write about and I just got stuck.. So I google blog writing topics.. some were really good. I didn’t pick one to right just read them.. So I am going to make a short list on some of my ideas.. Let me know what you think.. And please use one and go crazy with it. Just pass my blog link.. thankies

  • The history of your hometown
  • Your family Tree
  • The Top 5 worst dressed
  • Your favorite birthday memory
  • Your favorite summer memory
  • Different ways to make sweet tea
  • How do you use your Facebook
  • Different types of cupcakes
  • Your view on how to save the planet.
  • Recycle or not

Ok I guess thats enough for now. Let me know what you think.. And if yall see anything yall want me to write about feel free to shoot me an email.. Thanks for reading and have a good night 🙂



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