Goodbye Weekend

This weekend has been good…  How has everyones weekend been? I didn’t really do anything to hot I guess.. lol Well Friday it was suppose to be my party, but that didn’t happen. A lot of people that I invited cancel on me last minute. Which I am not going to have a party with very few people. So I didn’t do anything Friday, I ended up feeling sick and I had awful cramps that I could barely get out of bad.

Saturday was a fun day. That morning Curtis and I went looking at 1972 Orange Beetle. It was super cute. We drove it, just it was really small. Also that day I went to the Azalea Festival with Kayla. Her sister was dancing there so I wanted to see her dance. We did a little shopping and ate some yummy food.

Hmm and today is Sunday!! I am not really doing anything right now I washed a little bit of clothes and Watching WE tv. Well I update some more later.. maybe I post some photos. 🙂





Filed under Winter/Spring 2010

2 responses to “Goodbye Weekend

  1. peytonsmommy07

    That is a really pretty azelia bush! I bet you guys had fun!

  2. imaginenamaste

    I hope you have had a fantastic week! Sometimes, a day off is the best medicine!

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