Red is how I feel right now

Ok this post is just really about venting. Here in the past few days, weeks, months… some are basically not talking to me. And they are the ones that should never stop talking to you.

You see their facebook updates and postings and it to others.. and they just disregurd your post or question or just hey how are you questions. The people you love and care about and they act like they don’t give a damn. Then there are friends that you thought were your friends but they just really don’t care. They act like you are even there when you try and talk to them. And I have known these handful of people a really long time.

Oh and there is this one person that sometimes makes me so ill at times and this person can be so rude and hateful. And you would never think this person would ever be this why, bc they are suppose to be there for you and care for you and love you. But they judge you, get jealous of you, think that they are always right. Oh and they look down on you. And they say they are a godly, loving, caring person but this person is not that way to me. Ok this person loves me and care for about me, but they treat you like crap.

We suppose to be there for each other but I feel like I can’t talk to this person and that when i do I am judge or just idk… I just wish it was different.

Curtis tells me that I get too upset on what people think or say about me. I shouldn’t care what people think about me. I am me and friends and family should love you for you. But around some I feel like I have to a different person or I just feel out a place. And gosh people can be nosey at times.

And I miss my mother.. one person I can tell everything too! Though I can tell everything to Curtis but hey a girl still needs her mother. 🙂

Well I going to go. I post more laters. 🙂

Court ❤

OH I love my hot pink nike shoes.. its like walking on Marshmallows!!

Hoping of going to the lake tomorrow!!!



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2 responses to “Red is how I feel right now

  1. I know exactly what you mean… I’m extremely sensitive about being ignored and stuff like that. I’m sure I read too much into stuff sometimes, but still… it hurts when you feel like the people you love don’t give a crap back. 😦 Hope it gets better!

  2. peytonsmommy07

    Hey sis! You can talk to me too sweetie, about anything! love u!!!

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