Summer where are u?

Hey everyone.

It has been awhile since I have posted anything.  I posted anything because I really don’t know what to write about. But a few things has happened. I am no longer working Big Lots. Which I am kinda happy about that, since I hated working their… Though I thank Amanda for getting me the job.  It meant a lot to me.

It is been warm these past few weeks. Which has been great.. I have been getting to wear springy clothes..  I love spring and I can’t wait for it get here.. I can’t wait for the beach, the lake, the bonfires…. Just Summer period!!!

Curtis and I are redoing the bedroom.. which I do think I have posted that already. Its going to red, black and white.. It going to look so good when we are done!!!!

So how is everyone doing? I am doing ok. I have been getting headaches a lot more lately. I have one right now that I have had for two days. I feel really bad here lately. Maybe I just have a flu bug or something. I need to go to the doctor about many things. But I just haven’t went. Anyways. Curtis and I are doing really good. I love him so much you know he means the world to me.

Anywho.. Since I have not current job, I am thinking of selling Initial, INC… its a Monogram company. They do purses, bags, totes, glasses and different thing. I think it would be fun and also a way to make extra money.  You can check out the web site if you want. Well I am going to call it a night




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4 responses to “Summer where are u?

  1. I hope your headache isn’t TOO bad. Try drinking water consistently, maybe you’re just sort of dehydrated. Hmm, going to the doctor would be good too 🙂

    Glad to hear that you and your lover are doing great!

  2. I wish I could go to the docs. I am thinking is stress… A lot is going on and sometimes I wish I could just write it all out.. but family reads this crazy blog.. idk.. Thanks….

  3. Get well soon and good luck with your new possible career path

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