Coney Island…

sitting on a carousel ride without any music or light. everything was closed at coney island, and i could not help from smiling.

i can hear the atlantic echo back roller coaster screams from summers past. and everything was closed at coney island, and i could not help from smiling. brooklyn will fill in the beach eventually and everyone will go except me. -Death Cab for Cutie

I feel like this sometimes… like when coney island is closed and you are sitting there so alone.. just you and the big ocean right in font of you and the big bad world has booted out and u end up on Coney Island. But for some odd reason its a good thing.
I have never been to Coney Island, but I would love to go. But I think I would want to go when no ones there. So you can here the ocean beat up against the shore.

Today I am not sure what I am going to write about. I have not posted anything and a fews weeks or days… I think. I have been getting really bad headaches. Again. We are painting the bedroom red.. and I mean red.. like the Red Queen red. 🙂 Which reminds me. to tell yall we went and saw Alice in Wonderland. Which was a super cute movie. Johnny Depp made the movie he is the Mad Hatter.

Also this weekend Curtis got a new tattoo.. a sugar Skull and I was told that I look like Blondie with black hair.

Oh yea. visit me here and you can ask me anything.

Hmm here is 2 photos

love ya

Court ❤

Started to paint.. Primed the walls and started painting with red.

Curtis new tattoo



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5 responses to “Coney Island…

  1. imaginenamaste

    Your tattoo you got in the last post is so cool and colorful! I can’t imagine myself sitting still long enough to get it done!
    I love the ocean and just the openness of it. You should go!

  2. I’m thinking of getting a small tatto, I think yours is really beautiful

  3. Thanks… What are you thinking about getting?

  4. I wanna get “18 March 2004 – 27 April 2009” because the first date is the day I fell and got sick, the second date is the day I woke up thinking it was the 19th March 2004.
    About the date I want a small crying angel

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