Cupcake Love <3

My new tattoo. Which I am in love with. It is an custom drawn cupcake, which is everything I wanted!!!! I am sorry I have not posted anything in forever. It has been crazy around here. Though I seem to have had time to post thing, but I just haven’t posted anything. I am going to try and do better. Anyways how is everyone???

My love cupcake!! I love him so much!! He is my world and he means so much to me. I hope he knows that.

Well I am going to get off of here!! love yall!!!



ps new email

Send me some love or crazy stuff.. anything really lol



Filed under Winter/Spring 2010

4 responses to “Cupcake Love <3

  1. soitbeetold

    The tattoo is crazy cool girl! where did you get it? Miss you ❤

  2. Thanks I guess… Debo in Anderson did… Well come visit me!!!

  3. Hello, thank you so my for the comment you left over at Asian Butterfly’s blog, it means the world to me… Thank you and love the tattoo, did it hurt?

  4. Asian Butterfly

    wow court! you really got that tattoo?
    girl am so envious
    im getting mine sooon, swear, lol

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