A Ten Min Post

I have have 10 mins till I have to leave to go to work. So I am going to make this fast.

This week was good but busy. School crazy, I don’t know how I am going to do these online classes, I just got to stay focus and tell myself it got to be done.  Work ok. Glad it’s the weekend though I have to work. I am wanting to be off sunday and monday. To work on school.

Well plans this weekend:
AND!!! Get another tattoo…. I have 2 already and I have been wanting my 3rd for awhile so if I do get it i will so post it.
Also spend time with my darling Curtis 🙂

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! <3<3




Filed under Winter/Spring 2010

3 responses to “A Ten Min Post

  1. What’s going to be your new tattoo? 🙂

  2. a cupcake with little color stars. 🙂

  3. Cute! 🙂 Hope you post up a picture of it after!

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