Not Even Lions

Yes Not even Lions nor am I going to let Ana tear us apart. . .

Saturday night:  Meeting Curtis for dinner. . .  and damn Ana had to come with us.  Before we left I was wanting something to eat bc the last time I ate was about 10 that morning which we not a lot. 2 pancakes. So I got in the car and well Ana just had to join me on that. And well Curtis ask me what I wanted to eat I told him I really didn’t care.. then we started naming all the places in Anderson there is to eat. (there are lots of places to eat….) Then it started getting too much for me and I could not handle it. Then Ana started saying you don’t want anything to eat that you are already big and you don’t need anything just well she was messing with my head and making me think of bad things and talking bad about Curtis… saying her just like your father, Chris and so on…. We ended up at Sonic… I didn’t want anything. I told Curtis I didn’t want anything and that I was sick of eating fast food. So we left and I just yelled out well said why does everything have to revolve around food.  He got upset, but didn’t say anything to me. We got back to Mergon I would not talk to him. He went back to work I sat in the parking lot and cried… Ana won’t leave me alone.

But I am not going to let her take Curtis away I am not going to let her Push him away. Which well Ana is me. He said he was sorry as did I.

I love him.

Courtney ❤



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4 responses to “Not Even Lions

  1. hi courtney, i hope youre having a great time

  2. imaginenamaste

    Oh, I’m so sorry your meal with Curtis didn’t go well….it is amazing how much those things affect us so much. It sounds like he is amazingly supportive and I’m glad you could cry, as crazy as that sounds!

  3. peytonsmommy07

    Hey baby! Just call me when that stuff happens, how many times have I reassured you that I understand and i am here for you. I love you more than I think you even believe and imagine. You are my sister, my blood, and I AM HERE FOR YOU!!!

  4. soitbeetold

    i’m so sorry you had to deal with that court! i hate it, ana is such an evil thing and so is mia. i know exactly how you feel battling them against the ones that you love. its really hard, but know that i am here for you. even though without us having classes together this semester, we shouldn’t let that determine how often we hang out. you can always text me or anything, anytime. i love you and only want to see the best for you! ❤

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