I really don’t know what to say.

This post I am guessing is going to be short. I am just not feeling a post. But I still want to post so everyone out there still knows I am here. lol I am wanting to start posting things that might be worth reading, though the real reason why I blog is just to get out what think and feel. Right?

Well this week has been good. Been busy and lazy all week and now its the weekend for me that is. lol I want to do something. Though I have ton to do for school and I need to clean my apt again. Blue and Chelsea are at Curtis’ house, I have been at his house for like 7 days. lol And I am going back this afternoon.

I have an Art paper that is due the 30th… So I am going to be looking for some art work. I might keep yall posted on that. If I can remember. Also a New Moon Update…. My sister might not ever get to go opening night. Which really sucks. Now I am going to have to find someone to go with me. Maybe Curtis or I get some of the girls together that don’t have plans.. All I know is I am going lol. Alone or not. Tickets are on sell now (:

Right now I am at school writing this. I took my Art History test today I made a “c” on it. ugh which I can do so much better. Also I have set up my classes for the spring. Taking  Solar System Astronomy – AST 101 – 80, World Literature I – ENG 208 – 80, Western Civilization to 1689 – HIS 101 – 80, and Human Relations – PSY 103 – 80. They are online classes. I am looking for a job in anderson… Hmm I think thats about it for now.. If I get the time I might post something later.

Court ❤

ps I do want to point out that I wish all this crazy drama and people need to learn just to get over it. Life is life.. Move on. And idk.. Just chill, live, love, laugh, and enjoy the world around u. Because it wont last forever.

I updated chelsea  Check it out.Chelsea Blog!!!


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  1. imaginenamaste

    thanks so much for all your comments 🙂
    i think those weeks to be lazy and busy are the best–almost like they become normal weeks! don’t forget to have fun this weekend–even if it is around cleaning and school!

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