Things are Starting to Look Up

about the whole eating thing… It was two days ago I went to good old wal-mart and my sister went with me and I brought so things to eat and cook with. Which is good just I have not really cooked anything yet… I am not big on cooking anything as yall know I love to bake. I have ate today yay!! as the following

  • Breakfast Bowl of Cheerios with soy milk and a banana
  • Dinner/Lunch half of a cheese burger and some fries…

I know it aint much but it is better than nothing right? Maybe later on tonight I will have a midnight treat..
Well anyways I am at my sister’s washing some clothes then headed to the good old apt.. soon photos will come… I got to get the place looking super clean. Ryan and his gf, Brittany are coming over tomorrow night to stay… That should be fun. Curtis is coming over tonight!! He is off Thursday and all weekend.. We are going to go to the State Fair Friday… Maybe I think he said he go with me. lol I have not been since I was like 10 years old. It should be really funI take photos so I post them… We are doing good. Also I get my braces off Monday!!! .

Then Saturday it one of Curtis Birthday which we are going too. Hmm anyways I got Chelsea a new buddy his name is Blue or Blue Bear I will post all of that on her Blog. Hmm well i got to get back to my clothes then off to walk the dogs and clean some.. I will post more tomorrow if I can. lots of love

Court ❤ 


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One response to “Things are Starting to Look Up

  1. imaginenamaste

    I’m so happy for you that things are starting to look up!

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