I am Not Going to Let Anyone Stand in Our Way

It saids it all.  I am sick in tired of reading all this crap. I don’t care if you see this or not, I am pissed off. You want to call me a bitch I can show you a bitch. Don’t be bashing me all of the net, you don’t know me. And yes you are obesse with him that is not healthy. I am sorry but you have taken it way too far and you need to stop. I am not saying names because its not right without asking. So if a stranger reads this they have no idea who I am talking about or anyone. My blog was not created to bash people or to hurt anyone, it was created to get out my feelings into words. So in this post I am going to write how I feel about everything that has to deal with this.

Ok I feel like this person move on with their life and be happy that the person is happy where he is with and where he is at in life. This person really loved him they would respect his wishes and understand that he doesn’t want to be with them. I am sorry if he doesn’t want to be with you that he choose me over you. It might not be in God’s well for you two to be together. Though I don’t know if it is meant for us to be together either it will take time to tell. I know I am only like 2 1/2 years older than you but honey you are so young and have your whole life head of you. I thought at your age I wanted to get married and start a family. I want to get married but not now, I like to finish school. But what this person did the other night/day was not right. Coming into someone home in the middle of the night without being invited in… Thats breaking the law, and for one its very rude.  Also if this person thinks what they did would break us up do this person really think they get him back…. If I was him I wouldn’t take the person back and risk getting cheated on again. I don’t think so. Thats one thing I hate is cheaters. How could anyone cheat on someone the you say and show you love and care about??? I am sorry like I told him if I ever hear, see,or catch him cheating… I will be gone and I will never look back. I don’t give 2nd chances to cheaters. 

Just one last thing…. Stop what you doing… you are only hurting yourself.  He is mine and no one is going to take him away from me. I am not wanting to fight, bc it won’t solve nothing. You need to go out and live your life there is someone out there for you, just He is just not that one for you.  So like they say is on True Blood… Sookie is mine… haha miss that show.

Court ❤

Ps Blue is one beautiful dog.. another play date in 2 weeks (:


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One response to “I am Not Going to Let Anyone Stand in Our Way

  1. I’ve been in this very situation 6 years ago.
    Hmmm, some girls really go crazy when they can no longer
    have what used to be theirs. they’re just so stupid to let
    beautiful people go in their lives, and go after them like a
    puppy afterwards. Maybe the only diffence between us is I didn’t fight
    for my love, I willingly gave him away, because I thought thats how he liked it
    uhmmm, i remember the pain so well, and i know you won’t do the same thing, you’re one strong girl. Just remember that what’s yours is yours unless he’s the one who’s forcing you to let him go. More love and blessings!

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