It has been awhile ):

So I am going to change that… I am posting. (:  Today is Tuesday my long day at school, and right now I am on break. I am just  going to do a real quick post. Brittany and I are about to head off to Starbucks. The rest of the past month has been good. Just been busy. I got my own apartment for Chelsea and me. It is super cute!  I am starting painting and cleaning it up. The power should be on today or tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Curtis and I are doing good. We spent the past weekend together, which also was my mothers Birthday. She is the greatest oh she is also moving to Maine… I will sure miss her bunches. She is moving up there this weekend which I am staying behide. I am not going to miss any school, plus Tiffany and them are going so there really won’t be any room, plus I need to watch the pups and the cat. So I have the house to myself, which is good (:

Oh also I don’t know if I ever posted anything on him, but my buddy Gab is wanting to hang out. Which is odd I guess he is ok. But I can’t bc I am going to be busy painting and so on. But get this he offered to help me.. isn’t that sweet of him . lol well he suppose to call me or whatever if he can come down. BC of all this I wanted to tell Curtis, but I don’t think it would be right if I didn’t. He seems to be cool with it. Which kinda shocked me. The reason being is that well yall know Chris would not let me hang out with any of my guy friends… well friends in general. But Curtis trust me and well I am not going to do anything. I don’t cheat and I don’t like it and I don’t plan on cheating and that is final. Curtis means too much to me SO I am not going to do anything stupid  to loose him. (: [miss u sweetie]

Anyways… My laptop battery is dying and I can’t find a place in this crazy library to plug it up. So I post more later.

Love ya




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2 responses to “It has been awhile ):

  1. imaginenamaste

    I was so excited when I moved into an apt that I could decorate how I wanted to! It sounds like you had a good weekend! Have a great rest of your week 🙂

  2. Thank you.. It is still not finish it is a working process.

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