Lets All be Happy and Beautiful…

Hi!! Today is going great.. my head is going away I think its from the coffee I am about to go get some more.. we have starbucks on Campus!! Anyways… IT has been raining and its cold. I am at school and I wanted to do a fast post, but this ain’t real post post. So how is everyone? Good I hope.

Well There is one thing I want to say, I wish some people stop lying about their relationships with people and stop acting like they are wanted by everyone.. I guess I am trying to say is that not everyone has to like you. Though I try to be nice to everyone and make them feel welcome, but well I don’t have like you, or want to be your friend. I just wish we can all get alone, be happy the way we are, and of course BEAUTIFUl (: [oh he doesn’t want to be with you] (: So stop. Now go on about your life and leave us alone.. hmmm hahaha I guess thats a nice way to put it.. Don’t yall think? I think this person would be great for my Ex.. they act just a like.. haha

Anyways… I am going to head out. I said what I had to say… if they read it they read it, if not oh well.. She get the point one of these days..  Oh I am listening to the good old the KIllers!! ❤ (: Oh here is a photo and a very lovely note with it…


I took this yesterday afternoon and wrote it… My sis got a crack out of it.. I think it is cute and well its True (: have a great day my friends!

Court ❤



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2 responses to “Lets All be Happy and Beautiful…

  1. imaginenamaste

    the starbucks on my campus is a lifesaver. i heart it 🙂 thanks for your support! means so much!

  2. I know starbucks is amazing.. and welcome girly i am here for ya

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