Labor Day Weekend

I have really no plans for this weekend I don’t think.. Well Tomorrow I am going out with a friend, which I think it’s pretty crazy how we got to this point. Um this person we went to ECPI together.. hmm anywho we are going to the movies.

So here it is laid out for this weekend:

  • Friday… Listened to Jack Johnsontook photosabout to read some psychTiff got her Blackberry… Thats it.
  • Saturday… Lets just say there was no saturday
  • Sunday… Hoping to see Curtis… Ryan wants me to come over, but Rita is being odd; I think she is ignoring me for some reason and has been. I just had a very important question to ask her and well no reply. UGH!!!
  • Spent the day at the lake with Curtis, tiffany, and family and friends
  • Monday spent the day with Curtis. šŸ™‚

Well thats about it.. sounds amazing right? Not really….

Update later Might post something later tonight… who knows.

Court ā¤


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One response to “Labor Day Weekend

  1. soitbeetold

    your plans sound more exciting than mine šŸ˜¦ lol. have fun!

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