Chelsea :) & a small update

hello everyone!!
I am at school trying to make this hour and half go by so I can go to art class. This spending the whole day at school is going to kill me. It feels like I am in high school again… kinda. Just I have really 2 long breaks in between each class. ANYways…. how is everyone?? I am doing good. I guess I could be better. I am having to move but which is cool.

Yesterday Chelsea and me went to go meet her new roommate, which he is a black lab mixed with great dane! Very very big dog, but very hyper and sweet just like Chelsea, just they like to play fetch which kinda got a little crazy since they are both obsesses over a tennis ball.  But the house is on the lake which we both like a lot. Also the house is a cute little 3 bedroom yellow house with a huge yard. I think Chelsea loves it!! She is getting super big and some of her fur is getting long. She is so beautiful and so sweet, just she can be so hyper. I just think its so neat that she knows that I am her mama. She is so protective of me she thought the other dog was going to hurt me.

I remember me and my dad went up to NC to the Baltimore House and at the front there were all of these BMW’s bikes… and wow they were amazing.. ever since then I wanted one.. well ever since I rode my dad’s bike I wanted one.. idk I like the feeling being on one…

wow.. I was 12 at the time.. I think… I want to go back… at Christmas Time.. They say is beautiful!!

well I am like right at 600 words…. I am bored. I have an hour!! yay. Hmm i am going to stop writing now.. might surf the web before i head to class or read some blogs… Text me if you got the cell number. 🙂

Oh btw the way I am going to start a blog about Chelsea.. I think it be pretty neat and fun.. there will be videos, photos, stories and so on. When i start it I well post a like 🙂

Court ❤


ps i want to say something to tiff..
I love you always and well I am sorry for not telling you.



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3 responses to “Chelsea :) & a small update

  1. hello, thank you for the smile on my blog, 🙂
    I would like to know you. 🙂
    please email me 🙂 take care

  2. pearl421

    Hi Courtney, very beautiful blog you have! Thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment 🙂 Keep in touch and take care!


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