Forever and Forever and Forever -Edward Cullen

Its so sweet.. Anyways I am done with 4th book!! Breaking Dawn. I really liked the book. I did. Well the story about me finishing the book so late is well… i brought the book at some K-mart in Hawaii when it came that night. I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to start reading the book. Then I just got bored when it started into Jacob point of view and it just started to bore me. Jacob is so shallow in many ways and ya. So i just read it off and on. Then well when i came to my sisters she was like you got to finish it is awesome. So I did, I am sorry but I hated the way it ended; it was like a little vamp fairly tale. Don’t get me wrong i love it, but I just didn’t like the end. So now its like is there going to be another book?? The way Shept ended it its like there is going to be a 5th book.. if there not i am going to be very upset. Though one good thing I did like is that Bella can let Edward read her mind something he has always wanted to do. But Bella can control when he can..          So today has been good. Life is good, I am starting over and it has been going good so far. I am happy that Chris is not in my life. I truly now can be myself and not the Courtney Chris created just for his enjoyment. And i know he will read this and btw he is in a relationship with some 18 year old girl.. haha yea right. just the rebound girl.. So right now I am staying with Tiffany, and going to school on Tuesday. So I am just driving to Greenville once a week which I like. Anyways this week I am going to like. Tomorrow I world lit and then I am going to Aunt Reba’s house. Since on Wednesday I am going to the flea- market with Brandy that morning then get lunch and off back to Reba’s to get ready to go out with Jeremy!! We are going to do the Downtown Greenville thing, going to Wild Wings. We are just hoping that it will not rain!! It has been raining for ever!! I hate it well not hate, just there are somethings you can’t do when it is raining. Anyways. Mothers’ Day was fun! I baked my mom a cake which turned out great. My sister wants to get into the cake business.. hmm its a thought.  Well i think i am going to call it a night. Good night and sweet dreams. !!

this the cake and the flowers on the cake the flowers are real!

this the cake and the flowers on the cake the flowers are real!

❤ Court 


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