wanting to become an bird

i just want to be free i want to be an bird one day. Free so i can fly a way and live a life. Trying to find myself one day at a time. i am becoming a little bird, the bird of life. i am self recovering. 🙂

I am changing schools and my major. i am thinking Clemson. I am going to teach psych and help with eating disorders. This is something I really want to do. i feel like its the right thing just finding the right school and I think God can help me on that one. i have to get my masters to teach. when i am going to do its something that i want to do. 

  1. Clemson
  2. lander
  3. North Greenville

Are the schools i am thinking about. I have to June to get things ready though really I have till July but I am want to get things done before July. 

Hmm i am not engaged anymore. Thats another sorry. 

I am still eating 900 cals or less I cant reach that 1000 cal mark, its so hard. Though I am loosing weight I think, but I am not sure. Some of my jeans seam to be getting bigger.. But I dont know yet. 

Well i am going to go i might update more later. 

❤ Court


earth-dayHappy Earth Day! 


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