It has been forever!!

hey everyone, how are all my readers doing?? It has been a while till i posted something. So i thought to write a little something and to update everyone on my boring but not so boring life. Well To start with it is spring time; I am very happy about that because I do better with warm weather.  Also i already took my 1st camping trip of the year which it was awesome!! We went to

This is a pretty camp grounds, Table Rock South Carolina

This is a pretty camp grounds, Table Rock South Carolina

Table Rock and camp for two nights. It was our recover trip. Which that is another story to tell, but I can update that a little if ya want to know. Ok so we took break, we got into huge fight and everything. But i had the problem of not talking to him, what bother me or what was going through my crazy mind. SO I THOUGHT TO Be OPEN!!!!!! lol I just fell out of love with him, and that I wasn’t happy anymore. SO we talked some more and we are trying to work things out. We are going to do little outings and spend more time alone and grow back together. I also thought to make a blog about both of us. I think and he kinda thinking it might help us. He just kinda like why, but he see where I am coming from. 


anywho… I have gain weight!!!!! 8 POUNDS I hate it… I am going to try and get back on my Spring Diet again, I went 3 weeks not doing it. I am going to try and stay on track and loose those 8 pounds plus more. I want to loose 15 pounds. I want to be 145. I weight right now 168, so I think  i can do i want to do it the healthy way and not do it my Ana way, Chris said he will try and help. So total I have to loose 23 pounds… But right now this week starting saturday I am going to loose 2 to 3 pounds. So I am only drink juice, water, and a glass of tea at dinner time. No fried foods!!! I am going to workout once a week to start out. Then go up to 3 times.  ALSO NO CaNDY at school, or at home or anywhere. AND NO ICE CREaM!!!!! So this is my plan. So my goal for this week SAt to sat is to loose 3 pounds max. ( i love to lose 5 pounds) 

This Sunday my Friend Morgan is having a Twilight party. I am making a good basket. I am taking these little Twilight candies, apples, the twilight book, twilight making book, cam. I think this is going to really fun. I can’t wait, i haven’t watched my DVD yet. But I am hoping to watch it Sunday. oh and taking the Twilight CD 🙂 Hmmm I post pics and other things on here MOnday… 

oh I almost forgot.. i start new class on MONDAy!! its term 3 i am taking speech and some writing class. I think speech is going to be really fun. I kinda can’t wait. I am just ready to be out of school. I am thinking of taking a term off this summer. I am wanting to have a summer trip to the beach or something, i don’t know yet. But I let everyone know laters.. 

well i am thinking of going now. I am really sleepy and I think i am going to go get some zzz’s 🙂 So toodles for now, and goodnight everyone!!! 




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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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