Ugh, its so early.

Hello, my readers..
I am up, 5:30 am and been up for a hour. I am crazy bored and I can’t get back to sleep!!! This really is ugh now I am going to feel like shit today, bc i didn’t get any sleep. So I thought to post a lovely blog for everyone to read. Well I would love some coffee right about now, but I don’t want to wake the whole house up. So I am going to wait till people start getting up. This is one thing i wish Chris and me lived on our own own. Because then I could get up fix coffee and get on my laptop without waking up anyone, and do my own busniess. But we all know why we haven’t gotten our own place yet. I DONT HAVE A JOB!!! This is want really sinks. enough about my complaining. who wants to read it?? I wouldn’t but I write it anyways. 

SO I am sitting here wishing I could be laying beside Chris, in his bed. Last night before he went to bed. I got him upset, because i didn’t want to go to bed. This I started fussing at him for no reason. i feel so bad about it, I haven’t told him i am sorry either. I hate hurting him, i don’t know why I do it. I don’t mean any of it. But why do I it??? Good question. I LOVE HIM so much he means the world to me. I would die if I didn’t have him in my life. Well Chris if you are reading this, I am sorry and I try not to do it again. I love you with all my heart.. hugs and kisses. 

Any-who, I was Eating Reese Puff cereal and i was looking on the back of the box, and it said “Things to do before you are 18” I started laughing. SO I started reading the listed things,  but I couldn’t stop laughing. I just want to know who sits down and think of this type of crap??? Its crazy shit. haha sorry for my French. BUt really. The bad thing is that i have done many things on the list. So its even more bad. SO I took a photo of it yesterday morning. I post it at the end.  

Well to get my day listed out and plan, this is whats going on today of my crazy life…..

  1. Eat breakfast, which I should drink a slim-Fast
  2. I need to get ready and Call Tiffany to confirm our hair appointment. Which I can’t wait to do, my bangs are getting way to long, and I need to get them cut again. But this is at 10 am, so maybe it was a good thing I woke up so early. 
  3. Go get lunch, I am thing around 1 PM maybe a little shopping??? (drink slim- fast for BTIME, so I can have lunch) 
  4. Come home, then maybe take nap or something.
  5. Post new blog.

So there not much new in my life right at the moment, I don’t see why people read this crazy thing, but I guess its funny, or just plain out crazy!! haha I don’t know. Well I am going to up date my diet page after lunch so check back here around 3 for a update on it. K. 🙂 But other than that, have a great morning and talk to everyone later. 




I turned it the wrong way!! haha enjoy its so funny

I turned it the wrong way!! haha enjoy its so funny



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2 responses to “Ugh, its so early.

  1. arunraaj

    dats a blog…
    really cool..
    coz i know how jobless peopla are feeling…
    thats nice way of subscribing..k

  2. arunraaj

    well ..
    i just started blogging and am chekking out blogs now..
    so do u mind coming over to my place ..reading ma blog and giving a comment??i want comments from authentic bloggers…

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