how is everyone? (Tuesday)

Hey, I haven’t posted anything this week or last week. I have been so busy and just hasn’t had the time. Well I am done with my classes this term. I start new ones on Monday. Hmm nothing new has happened this week.
On Friday I went to see Friday the 13th.. It was very scary!!!!! I haven’t gotten scared in a very long time. So yay!!!!

Anyways Kristal test came back 0!! yay!! SO her heart is clean! Well the whole story behide that is that she is having problems with her hands, feet, and legs.. So they had to take a picture of her heart, and to be clean you have to score a 0, to pass. and well she did!!!

Umm, Me and Chris is getting married the summer of 2011. about 2 1/2 years.

Well I am going to go. Talk to everyone later.



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