Its only Tuesday!

Hello everyone!
How is all my readers doing? Well today has been the longest day ever. I got up at 7 today, took a shower, watched the Today Show and Doctor Phil. I had to babysit my little other sister, Tiff. She was not in the best of mood today. See she wanted me to wake her up, so I did at 9:30. She wanted to help make pancakes for breakfest. But when I did she started yelling and asking for her mama, which she was gone to the doctors. She wanted her mama, she is only 7 so I didn’t blame her. I was the same way when I was her age. Anyways, her mama ended up bringing her some breakfast home, since I told her mama that she went back to sleep.

Well I was watching Doctor Phil this morning while Tiff was  asleep. He was talking about Texting and “sextexing” which is really mean sending dirty test messages. Well it had a girl and a boy on the show and they were talking about how many text messages they had sent in a month. It was about
15, 000!
This is crazy. Who would text that much??
Anyways I am writing this post between breaks in class. My class I am taking on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a computer class. We are learning the new Office 2007. It is alright,  just everyone is using it, so since that we have to take this class. I think it is silly.

Anywho, I haven’t seen Chris all day. I miss him, and I yelled at him for no reason. I feel really bad about that. But I make it up to him. I love him so much.  Well I talked to my Older sister Tiffany last night, we started talking about our doctor and our head aches. We are taking the same pill that helps with our pain. I think its neat that we are taking the same thing. I dont know, maybe I am just silly.

Well our trip is still on for March. We haven’t pick a date yet, but we can’t wait to go. I am also planning a trip to go see my mom and my sister and Peyton. Tiffany said that he misses me. I hoping to go this coming weekend. Hmm I don’t know what else to say. All I know is that I have so much school work I don’t know what to do with. I am writing a paper on Christianity for English, and I have a paper for my computer class. Just so much, but I got to do. 

Well I better go Class is starting again and well I have nothing else to say right now. If I think of somthing I post it. Have a great night and a great week.

Love yall lots and thanks for reading. 🙂




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2 responses to “Its only Tuesday!

  1. You’re writing about how Christianity is the leading cause of wars and lies in the world, correct?

  2. I Love your Blog!! Although I am new to wordpress, yours is one that I really enjoy, and I wanted to tell you to stop by mine, I make specialty wreaths that are aromatheraputic!! They are scented to deal with all kinds of aches and pains. Come check me out!

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