Going to see a “Happy Doctor”

Ok I am going to go see a “Happy Doctor”.  I don’t know what really. But its really going to be about my eating disorder. But I was talking to a friend, she told me that this change has to be a change I want to make and not anyone else. It all has to deal with my controling High school days. What I do for my future and now has to be for me. I have to go with what I think is best for me. I need to do what I need to do.

So this change is it something I want to do?? 
I am confused, really i am. Do I want to change.?

Well i am still going, bc it might help me come up with my own answer.


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  1. Your Sis

    Hey! I just wanted to tell you I am happy for you trying out the happy doctor. I kno this is something you have to change for yourself for now, but I do have one little comment about that and it has to do with something that comes way in the future. I you still have Ana when you and Chris decide to start a family, you will need to make the decision for the baby, Ana can not be around while you are carrying a child because she can kill it, and I know that would devestate you. So, that would be the only person you would “have” to change for besides yourself. I really hope this doctor can help you and show you that you dont need Ana. You neverhad needed her, she just butted into your life and now its time to give her the boot. Snaps to you for taking the first steps. I am so proud of you. I love you and let me know how it goes. Oh, and I wrote you an email back last night, just random stuff about school and what you commented in my blog. Which reminds me, I need to post something sometime today. Love ya sweets!

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