Peanut Butter Cups :)

Hello world… again 🙂
How is everyone?? Happy Sunday!! Its a new week and its going to be a crazy busy one….. again. They never end do they? haha nope. But if it wasn’t crazy it would be boring. I love being crazy and more crazy. I don’t know I am just in a good mood. Maybe its my anti pill.. my “happy pill” haha…. doesn’t everyone take them??? Well they are now starting to work and well I am much happier. really. Everyone should take them.. Well maybe not everyone..
My head aches are no more. I had none this weekend. I am so happy! I did have one everyday and well none this past weekend. I don’t know what it is/ was this has been one of the best weekends. :))

Ok well its Sunday and well Ana hasn’t came this weekend.. I think she is upset. IdK.

LOVe <3

LOVe ❤

Chris bought me Peanut Butter Cups:)) They are awesomely good. He is so sweet. He notices the smallest things but they are always good. He is amazing, I don’t know what I would do with out him.


I download lots of music today….. It’s all good.. Death Cab, Coldplay, Yellowcard, and Metro Station…… Hmmm

What’s next??
I am going to every Sunday or on day a week I am going to set a Pos. goal.. Like this week I want to try something new.. It can be anything..
I think if I do this it might help with my Eating Disorder. What you think???
Well since I haven’t posted anything from this weekend I am sorry. But I had to do lost of school work….. College can be so stressful. Well i think I might go. talk to yalls laters.. If I can think of anything else I post it when I do..

Peace :))


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