This weekend…also found Rare Jonas Brothers CD??!

Hello How is everyone today/night?? I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am having a ok one. Just been busy is all


He soon to be free :

. Well today it has been crazy! Today Chris told his mom that he going into the Air Force she freaked out!! This is something he wants to do for him and his future family.. (w/me) So that he has a good job, has all the goodies that come with one and when its time to start our family, they helps us out on buying a house. I think its great, plus I think it will be good for him. See his mom is not with the whole army, maries, navy or air force. So she doesn’t support him. And well it broke his heart! Though she said you can do it, just I rather you not. She also said that she wont hate him, just he doesnt have her support. Then Chris is now like should I do it know?? I think he should. and I think he should do what his heart is telling him to do. I also said pray about it, ask God to help him and give his mom streaght. But he said he is still thinking about it. so anyways, 


untitledOk I was on Ebay and well I looked up the Jonas Brothers….. I was looking and Well i saw a CD well 2 that was for sell at $200 and I am like what? For a damn JB cd. I was freaking out. SO I kept looking and I found some more…. i saw one for $5oo.. This is crazy… So I went to google and typed in Jonas Brothers Its about TIme. and well even on yahoo and on amazon they are $250. I think this is crazy. Well i got on Yahoo answers to get an answer on my question well the Recond lable only put out 500,000 CDS for the world to buy and go crazy. And now well you can buy them on Ebay. So did another search and well downloaded the full cd. It pretty good, just Nick Jonas sounds really young. 

OK well the rest of the weekend I have a paper I have to finish and I have to keep looking for a job. Its so hard to find one in SC. There is nothing here. Or you have to have a BA in something which i dont have at the moment. I have applied to A nanny job and some others. BUt no call backs yet. So I dont know what I am going to do at the moment. I think of something. I am going to start selling somethings on Ebay, but I dont how much I make. So I dont know yet. Anyways I am going to go to bed. 

PS I had a great night w/ Chris though. yummy. 🙂

toodles for now!!



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2 responses to “This weekend…also found Rare Jonas Brothers CD??!

  1. Your Sis

    Hey hun. Im sorry to hear about Chris and his mom. But she is just being a mother. I will pray for the both of them too, bc I know he is just trying to make a decision that will help yall have a good life in the long run. But like yall said about everyone else, you cant let anyone influence the final decisions yall make about your life and relationships. Listen, and thinkabout what people say, but make your own decisions. As fa as your question about how army wives cope with their loved ones being gone months and years at a time, I know you dont like the show that much, but the show Army Wives on lifetime is all about that. These ladies form a social group of friends who are there for eachother and support eachother in everything. Its hard, very hard, but when you have have friends to keep you busy and ones you can lean on when things get tough, it make sit so much easier. Plus you have your family too. So you know we will be here when ever you need us for support and comforting words. I guess I need to go blog on my spot, havent done it in a couple of days. When I sw yours on here I thought it would be pretty cool to do. Have you read any of mine yet. Its at Later Chika! I love you!

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