There’s nothing better than a glass of sweet tea!



Chris and me 🙂

Hello every one!
I am sitting here trying to so my school work but the damn school web site does not want to load. This is really stressful, but I aint going to let it bother me.


How was everyone’s day? mIne was good, just busy and it went by really fast. I saw my friend Mary today. She was sick, with fever and everything. I hope she gets a feeling better…

For the ones that didn’t know I go to ECPI in Greenville SC and really enjoy it to a point. I am taking Networking and I am enjoying it. I have learned a lot so far and I have only taking 2 terms. Also I went to my aunts house, they are doing very well.

The wedding is off till after the summer, we have talked and we don’t want to rush things, plus we are short on money. But we are still engaged. Thats not off. We are thinking of next year or this Christmas maybe. we don’t know. BUt I let everyone know.

I also want to say I am sorry for upsetting anyone yesterday night. I was upset about Ana. Which brings me to the point. I am not going to post anything on here about her anymore, which will to a point be good, but it will not upset her. SO it could make things worst. It hurts many love one to read it, but they do know, so if it hurts them why do they read. IDK. Anyways, I just know its part of me and taking it away well take some time.

For the rest of tonight I am going to finish my paper and try and get some sleep. Also How do army wifes and so on cope with their love one gone for 2 or more months gone?????

Well I talk to everyone laters.



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  1. I’m a earl gray girl…soooo good : )

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