Happy Saturday!! Vegan??

Hello how is everyone?? I am doing good today, just have gotten into bed and thought I should write, it Friday night well saturday morning. I am going to write now, because i might not get to write tomorrow. I am going to my grandmothers so I can see my mother. (elsa47.wordpress.com is her blog) She is bring me some Vegan food… I am really up to trying this type of food. Though i am not up for eating at all. I am thinking of going vegan, but not for the aminals for healthy lifestyle. I am trying to get over my ED. So I am going to try Vegan and see how this goes. But I am still worried. 

I sometimes feel like nothing is going to work. So i tend to give in to Her. (ed). BUt my mom tells me to take it one day at a time don”t worry about tomorrow or this week and so on. But I tend to plan out the whole week, make list and how and what I am going to eat. And bc of this things tend to suffer. like school, Chris, family, myself, work. I am trying though I really am.  Enough about my ED. Lets talk about tomorrow and everything else.. 

Tomorrow is Saturday well later today i am going to my granny’s house to see my mother, and we are going to see how to make tofu burgers and go shopping at the Whole foods Market. Now this is going to be really fun and neat, bc I get eat all vegan for 2 days and see how its going to be like. My mother is going to bring banana nut bread and chocolate chip cookies, which are all vegan. Now how she does this I don’t know, but she is going to show me and I am going to post it on here for the ones wanting to know. And I will TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!! Anyways…..


Chris and I haven’t set a date yet. June of 09…… beach…… thats all I know… We aren’t rushing things. 

School starts back on the 5th 😦 why why, sometimes I wish i just stop college, and go stright to work, but then again I am doing this for my future family.  Just I hate it… 

Anyways I am going to head to bed. have a goodnight everyone. i am going to try and get some sleep.  I have a big day tomorrow since i have 2 shopping trips plus I have to  drive to my grandmothers house and so on. Love yall and God bless.




my plate looks like this everyday. sometimes its painful and others its a great feeling, since i never have the feeling to put anything on it. But mentally my plate is always full of pain and suffering and tears, but then again its laughs and happiness 🙂


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