This coming week

Ok I know its only Thursday, but Christmas and New year Day is over. Well Christmas is and NYD not over till 12 tonight, but my coming week is going to be very busy.
My mom is coming down this weekend, and she wants me to try these new type of burgers. not meat. Which I am wanting to try. I am always up for something new to try. Monday I have to go back to school. I have classes at night. Monday-Thursday. But I have one class on MOn. and Wed. But during this week I am going to have to find a Job. Which is going to be serving or a host. Thats all I can do, unless a Day care needs a teacher.

Ok. Oh haven’t set a date yet. We haven’t decided on one yet.
Anyways, Tomorrow clean up the house and wash clothes….. I know i can be random. And type silly things.

OK I am going to get ready for bed. Goodnight everyone….


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  1. Hi its Di here in Australia

    The endless quest for food that might have a taste, the endless quest for satisfaction. The endless ways to stop feeling or stuff the feelings down only to throw them all up again. Been there done that. The vegan food will taste like cardboard just the same as all the other food does. Because It’s not about the food.

    The ED is all about your feelings buddy – the food is just the way you are telling everybody how you feel – its not working because the food and the feelings don’t use the same language. Those who love you have no hope of getting the message. Even you don’t understand the message you are transmitting so its coming out all garbled even to yourself.

    Your doctors, family, fiancee, psychiatrists, friends and the universe can only see the outside – they have no hope of seeing your heart and never will.

    When your soul feels sad – cry. When your soul feels happy – laugh. When your soul feels empty – pray to God to be filled.

    If your not sure where your soul is at you have a few choices. Keep dying or choose to live. If you choose to live your gonna need real help. Your gonna need soul help. The tough news – its going to take a while – there is no Macdonalds cure for souls.

    For souls your best way forward is to pray because God is in the soul business – eveyone else communicates with your soul through you but they can’t save it and they can’t get inside you to rescue you. Your job is to tell others how your soul is so you have to learn how to communicate with yourself in meaningful ways.

    I would take a bet this is what you havn’t figured out yet.

    It’s time to stop stuffing yourself down by trying to please everyone else and be good. You already know its not working so why keep doing the same old thing – try something different outside your comfort zone. What have you got to loose? More weight! – give me a break even that doesn’t work anymore – am I right?

    Take 5 right now – take a look inside your heart and see what is in there – somewhere in all that mess is your soul. Can you hear her weeping? can you see her? can you feel her? Your soul feels she hasn’t got a friend in all the world – will you be her friend or is she too ugly and too far gone by your high standards to care about?

    Ever wondered if those high standards are actually yours or are they somehting you picked up along the road of life and decided they sounded good so they must be good?

    If you find your soul hard to find let your self feel her by letting a feeling rise up in your heart – that is her message to you. I pray God guides you as you learn to love her and accept her for all she is not as well as all she is. Your soul is a priceless gift from God and when you learn how to care for her using the techniques Jesus teaches us all you will learn how to choose life and stop choosing death.

    Is the feeling fear? or do you just feel numb? I bet you its not death that scares you its the fear that grips you you are trying to escape.

    Remember – I have never met you and I may never meet you – but I have suffered from an eating disorder and I know lots of people who have. If my questions and suggestions hit a nerve in you and helped you soul tell you she really is there you will know your ED can be over come and you can choose life rather than death.

    Mr Anorexia is not my friend and he is not yours either. He is just a mean old bully who is scaring you to death. While I don’t have the strength to fight him head on I know he is no match for Jesus and I have asked Jesus on your behalf to get onto your case. I have asked Jesus to find your soul and let her know he is her true friend. He is with your soul now until you find her again. Seek her and you will find her – the light Jesus provides will guide you. Your soul will feel safe in his light till you find your way to where she is.

    The way forward is to seek first the kingdom of God within you. It took me 49 years but its worth the effort. Now I am getting a handle on how to communicate with other people as well so its all good buddy – it’s all good.

    Love Dianne
    A friend for your soul in Australia.

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